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How To Add More Good News To Your Timeline

At this day and age, it is clear that we have become addicted to our social media channels and digital tools. People often can’t wait to respond to posts or read replies. Even though it’s a great way to stay connected, it does seem that much of what is going on in the news is negative.

It is then up to us, the general population, to bring out the positive in all that is going on. We can’t rely on mainstream media to make our days bright. We must take an active role in being the light in the world we live in.

Someone is going to read your post today. Will it make them happier, sadder, or more stressed? Or will it lift them up and add hope and perspective?  Let’s go over some of the ways that we can add good news to our timelines to make them more motivating.

6 Ways To Add More Good News To Your Timelines

1.) Share Great News

One of the easiest ways to spread the good is to share good news that is already out there. When your friends, family and professional connections take the time to embrace the good things that are happening in their life, celebrate with them.

This not only allows you to be a more positive person, but it gives them additional support. This strengthens your current relationship. As much as misery loves company, accomplishment, happiness, and joy love a great social media celebration.


How To Add More Good News To Your Timeline 

Original post on Everyday Power Blog

July 22, 2017

3 responses to “How To Add More Good News To Your Timeline”

  1. Linda Hardcastle Avatar
    Linda Hardcastle

    YOU add joy to my day❣️❣️😘

    1. Tonya McKenzie Avatar

      Well, you know that I try to be useful… otherwise I’m useless!! hahaha

    2. Tonya McKenzie Avatar

      Back at you Mrs. H!! You are a blessing!

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